This are daily tours to uninhabited islands and islets in the archipelago 

         departing  from Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela Islands

Day tours from Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island :

  • Santa Fe Island 

  •  Seymour Island 

  • Bartolome Island 

  • South Plazas Island.

  • Pinzon Island

  • Floreana Island

Day tours from Puerto Villamil in Isabela Island :

  • Cabo Rosa also know as “Los Tuneles” 

  • Tintoreras Islet Snorkeling and Hiking Tour 

  • Sierra Negra Volcano Hike

 Day tours from Puerto Baquerizo in San Cristobal Island :

  • Kicker Rock Tour – One of the most bio-diverse sites in Galapagos

  • Española Island Tour – Galapagos Bird paradise

Among the activities are hiking, snorkeling, swimming, observation of fauna and flora. A naturalist guide will escort all the tours and activities.  

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-Health insurance to travel to Galapagos

- What to bring to the Galapagos

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