What To Bring To The Galapagos Islands

The fewer things you bring on your Galapagos vacation the more carefree and enjoyable your trip will be. However, there are a great many items that make Galapagos travel enjoyable and those are the things we’ve listed below. You can use the following suggestions as a checklist to ensure you have all of the necessary items you need for your Galapagos travel experience. 

Travel documents

Passport valid for at least 6 months prior to expiration counting from the return date to your country of origin.


The currency in Ecuador is the US Dollar. Major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted almost everywhere in Ecuador, and the Galapagos.
Galapagos National Park Fees per person are $110. 
There are souvenir stores in the Galapagos and some do not accept credit cards.
Avoid bringing $100 US dollar bills as most restaurants and small stores will not accept them. Bring your cash in smaller denominations, preferably in $20 dollar denominations.
There are Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) that accept international debit and credit cards almost everywhere in Ecuador and in Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Islands of the Galapagos.


Prescription medicine

Bring your prescription medicine for at least twice the amount you would need for the length of your trip just to be safe. Although most prescription drugs are available in Ecuador, brands and quality vary so better bring you doctor’s prescribed medicine.


  • Pepto Bismol (or Kaopectate) for stomach upset and mild diarrhea

  • Immodium or Lomotil for more severe diarrhea

  • Band-Aids

  • Anti-biotic cream

  • Aloe Vera cream or gel for sunburn

  • Tylenol or other mild pain relief

 The only way to experience and enjoy this natural paradise to its fullest, is to come well prepared for all your daily activities.

Gear and clothing

Sunglasses, hat/baseball cap, rain jacket/poncho, lightweight cotton pants, shorts, a couple of t-shirts, swimming suits, waterproof sandals or tevas, thick sole tennis shoes, regular underwear, cotton socks and a sweatshirt for breezy nights. Suggested by not necessary are neoprene or lycra shirts to keep you warm while swimming and also to avoid getting a sunburn.


  • Snorkel, mask (with prescription lenses if you require them) and fins

  • "Shorty" wetsuit (2mm thick is all you will need)


We suggest you bring a photo or video camera, binoculars, small back pack, additional batteries, SD cards for your camera with ample disk storage or bring a laptop to transfer your images

Other items to bring

Insect repellent, sun lotion (we recommend high factor: 50+), personal medication, personal toiletteries, resealable bags such as zip-lock bags to keep cameras and equipment dry during excursions. 

Sun Protection 

  • Wide-brim hat

  • Light cotton scarf to protect your neck

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun block

  • Lip salve or ointment

  • Long-sleeve light cotton shirt

  • Light cotton pants

Mobile phones, smart phones, tablets or laptops

Most mobile phone service providers have roaming plans that may work with Ecuador’s 3G mobile providers: Claro and Movistar. Please inquire with your mobile service provider about such plans. Most hotels offer WiFi service.

Baggage specifications for your galapagos trip

We recommend you take a soft sided bag to the Galapagos. You will only need the essentials in clothing and personal items .  On flights to Galapagos you are allowed a maximum of 20 Kg (44 pounds) of luggage (excluding your hand-bag and carry on). 

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